GCLC adds interactive whiteboards to classes


This summer, GCLC took a large step into the future of Adult Education by adding interactive white boards to each classroom.  An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a technology that allows the instructor to project an image from the computer to an interactive screen. The instructor can then interact with the displayed image using a digital pen.

Our goals for this project were simple.  We needed to improve our classroom environment to meet our student’s varied learning styles and ensure that any new changes would be easy for the instructors to implement.  We decided to use Promethean’s ActivBoard with ActivInspire software.  The IWBs address our student’s learning styles by adding visual, auditory and kinesthetic properties to the learning environment. The IWBs also help our instructors by simplifying the classroom environment by combining several instructional abilities into one comprehensive unit.

Since the installation of the IWBs, instructors have already noticed an increase in student participation.  Students are more engaged and attendance has seen a major improvement.  We have just begun our journey with this new technology and based on the success we have witnessed, we are confident that this project has exceeded its goals.

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